How Health Insurance Works ?


If you have health insurance or are in the market for an insurance plan, you may be feeling terminology overload. How Does Health Insurance Works? What is a deductible? What is coinsurance? How does a Co-pay work? What is an insurance Premium? Individual out-of-pocket maximum? In this video, we’re going to break down these essential health insurance terms, explain how the costs work for both you and your insurance company, and hopefully help you feel more confident about how your plan works.

0:00 – Intro

0:30 – Overview

1:01 – Your Expenses

1:28 – Insurance Premium

1:43 – What is a Deductible?

3:13 – What is Copay?

3:50 – FREE Services

4:03 – What is Coinsurance?

4:40 – Individual Out of Pocket Maximum (OOP)

5:00 – Family OOP Max

5:08 – Review